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viral marketing

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing as we can relate to is coming from the word Virus. Virus, as we understand which spreads fast from human to…
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covid and healthcare professional

How doctors act to digital transformation of healthcare amid Covid-19?

COVID 19 pandemic brings many changes including social distancing and lockdown situations. In this circumstance, the healthcare industry modifies its service by adopting…
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Corona virus search

Healthcare Virtual Assistant – specially to attend Covid patients

In last year (2019), the Family Medicine Journal published an article, which had reported that primary care physicians were busier in maintaining electronic…
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digital communication for HealthCare Advancement

Significance of digital communication in healthcare advancement?

Today's world is connected through digital communication. The advancement of digital communication plays an important role in healthcare management. The young generation utilizes…
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Social media for healthcare

Positive impacts of social media on a healthcare website

The impact of social media has the power to change every segment of life. Currently, social media is the best platform to not…
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patient search online

Why patients rely on web search than manual efforts?

The ever-changing in today's world and to cope-up with these changes require the help of internet service. Therefore web searching to gather information…
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data for healthcare internet marketing

Importance of data in Healthcare e-Marketing

Big data analytics is very important for the success of any business. Data gets collected from different marketing activities like surveys; roadshows, emails,…
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Cyber Security digital marketing

Digital Marketers pay attention on Cybersecurity

Digital marketing becomes vast business support for every small and large scale business organization. The popularity of digital marketing is increasing day by…
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Digital communication icons

Digital Communication in Healthcare

In the present scenario, the advancement of healthcare industry hugely depends upon digital communication. Current data represented that almost 57% of the global…
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Google Search for Doctor

Why hiring a digital marketing agency is a necessity for Doctors?

As it is a well-known fact that doctors’ profession is a noble profession among all other professions. That is why it is important…
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picture representing best seo

Advance steps for protection against future search engine algorithm updates

The need for search algorithms From back to the future now we have a large population using internet and large no of websites…
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unaware student with teacher.

Most of medical professionals are unaware of online marketing in healthcare

There are numbers of hospitals, clinics, doctors, ART banks, Donor agencies and Surrogacy Agencies to help childless people worldwide. The problem is most…
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healthcare professional with laptop

What do patients think about online healthcare portals?

In today’s modern world people are too busy in their daily life activities (like a job, business, and study, etc) and they don’t…
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Doctor online marketing key points

7 key points to success for healthcare marketing in 2019

As we enter into the New Year 2019 - a year of expansion for digital technologies it is the time to focus on…
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healthcare online visibility, website, marketing on fingertips

Internet marketing overview for healthcare professionals

What is Internet Marketing? Internet marketing means to create your online presence by building a website in order to promote your product or…
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healthcare marketing success for doctors tips

Guaranteed online medical marketing Success for Doctors

Online marketing is booming these days and has also become a necessity for every business. Like all other sectors fully operating their businesses…
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seo description via picture

Understanding term SEO for ranking in organic results 2019

SEO status in 2019 Search engine optimization is a set of tweaks, website imrovements and online marketing activities in orger to gain benefits…
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How to use Live streaming video apps for doctors?

In the medical profession, the biggest challenge of any doctor is to built trust with their patients so he can satisfy and make…
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Image and gallery

Why Online Reviews are important for Doctors?

Why Online Reviews are important for Doctors? In this digital era where information is on the fingertips, everyone in this world has enough…
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elements your website should have?

What Elements Your Website Should Have To Get More Clients?

In a website, there should be some key points that should be taken care of. Same is with Healthcare website, there are some…
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