7 key points to success for healthcare marketing in 2019

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As we enter into the New Year 2019 – a year of expansion for digital technologies it is the time to focus on how to can expand your digital reach. Digital marketing is consistently changing, therefore, it is important to develop new online marketing strategies to recognized among your competition in this digital world.

As we look ahead into this digital era in New Year 2019 –the trend is no different for the healthcare industry. in fact, this is a Year of opportunity for this sector as more and more patients are looking for medical information and health advice on the web. With this changing trend, it is important for hospitals or medical professionals to create a strong web presence to communicate or retain their past, present, and future patients.

In research published on Think with Google – 84% of patients use both online and offline resources for research on hospitals, so now hospitals are getting more patients from the online search that directly visits them. If we talk about devices then most of the doctors, pharmacists or other medical professionals carry laptops, tablets and mobile phones and use these devices to support their patients online.

Healthcare sector is well aware of digital marketing and is incorporating it as well but as we understand the online market is too dynamic and changes in trends are very frequent. So it is important to keep your digital platform up to date. We present below 5 key points to successful healthcare e-marketing in 2019.

1. Mobile friendly website

Google announced mobile-friendly websites as a ranking signal in 2015, so we need a website that can be viewed properly on mobile phones. Earlier it was difficult to have a single website for desktops and mobile phones, but now responsive websites are introduced that can fit into any screen size eg: desktop, laptop, tablets or smartphones. This will also help to reduce the cost of development by incorporating the power of two in one.

2. Quality of Content

One of the major concerns for search engines is content quality – if it is good, only then you will get more relevant visitors, leads and online conversions through your healthcare website. This will also help you to earn the trust of your online visitors. So here it is important to note – that never share low quality and plagiarized content online as it will certainly harm your rankings in search results. Therefore for successful healthcare internet marketing – please keep sharing quality content on various health-related information as precautions or awareness for your patients through blogging, forums, social media, etc.

3. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization means to optimize your website in accordance with guidelines of the search engine to rank well. There are different factors associated with it to make your website stand in search engine for long-term. Keywords in search engine optimization are important but before choosing them you need to do proper research.

Focus points in search engine optimization are quality content, quality backlinks, quality images, quality call to actions, easy navigation, keyword density, audience targeting, and structured data, etc.

4. Social media presence

Social media is a platform which provides a great opportunity to get visitors, branding yourself, engagement with your audience and conversions by sharing quality contents, questionnaire, replying to comments and communicating with them by messaging, chatting, etc. Social media is also a positive ranking signal to rank in search results. So to have a Social media presence and integration with the website is a must for healthcare industries. Integration of social media profiles within your website verifies that you have a presence on social media.

5. Blogging

To get more trust, branding, and authority it is a good practice to write and share the quality article on different blog websites or on your own website. Blogging on your website is called on-site and to any other website, it is called off-site blogging. You can submit the quality article on different article websites, guest blogging sites or you can set-up your blog on different blogging sites. One of the major benefits of blogging is that they provide long term results.

6. Website Speed

Website Speed is an important feature in 2019 to get more attention from search engines as well it also helps in visitor retention and increased engagement. Although Google officials say no problem if your content is so valuable you can still rank even if your website takes time to load with a slight difference.

7. Earn some authority

You can get more attention from users and search engines if you get a reference from any other authority website i.e blog site, news site, educational website, reference or etc, in the form of a link to your website. A backlink provides authority to your domain in the eyes of Search engines as well as in the eyes of users.

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Note: It is the most important to get educated about digital marketing for healthcare professionals before hiring an agency or Digital Marketer.

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