Importance of data in Healthcare e-Marketing

data for healthcare internet marketing

Big data analytics is very important for the success of any business. Data gets collected from different marketing activities like surveys; roadshows, emails, advertisements, etc., which helps to measure the performance of each campaign which is analyzed further to find out the leads or potential customers.

However with the growing trend, gradually every industry is moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing and the importance of data analytics has become more evident now.

As per one of the surveys – the healthcare industry is facing a challenge as they are running a year behind any other industry when it comes to healthcare e-marketing.

Most healthcare professional thinks that they already have the “capacity to full” at their clinics or hospitals and do not need a website or an online marketing strategy.

Therefore they lack behind in making their online presence and utilization of useful healthcare data (patient needs, queries, etc) to serve the patients more efficiently e.g. a visitor or patient searches on the internet for his medical needs and if you are not available online or in reach then you may not get the benefit to understand your online medical audience.

Is very much noticeable that patients are usually searching online for their medical needs these days on search engines like Google, yahoo, bing, etc. using laptops, and smartphones – but they can see only those healthcare companies who utilize online marketing tactics and ranks higher in search engine results than their competition.

The healthcare companies that do not have a web presence or do not run online marketing activities probably miss on to capture their prospects’ data like patients searching for a respective doctor or solution for their medical problems but unable to locate them on the internet.

To fully utilize the digital technology – data plays a very important role, with the right data in place it will help you in the right audience target and communicate with them without any delay as well as increase patient engagement and builds trust.

Data-driven marketing can help you to understand, attract, engage and retain patients on your websites or patients portal.

Once you make your online presence huge data is available on the internet related to you or your practice eg: queries from patients, concerns about medical treatment, etc.

Healthcare companies can use tools like CRM  to capture the data generated using various online marketing channels like social media, search engine results, AdWords, etc. With the implementation of the healthcare CRM system, one can analyze the data based on consumer behavioral patterns like social, demographic, interest, etc.

This allows healthcare professionals to access real-time data and get more leads into their CRM system.

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