Advance steps for protection against future search engine algorithm updates

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The need for search algorithms

From back to the future now we have a large population using internet and large no of websites are introduced on daily basis by that it is becoming complex to search engines such as Google to maintain verified results to users to provide them what they want and also for to maintain rankings for a large no of indexed sites to database and they keep it in mind that in SERP there must maintain priority on the basis of relevancy, quality, authenticity, copyrights, and uniqueness.

So for such reasons it was difficult to measure and produce such results to protect users against the scams, cybercriminals, hackers and privacy concerns. So major search engine Google introduced multiple search algorithms against various problems such Core search, Panda, penguin, hummingbird, EMD and other algorithms and regularly updates in according to need to prevent the excess of things and newly explored bad habits by different websites to come up at the top of the search results.

Prevent your site from hits by future Google algorithm updates

Now it’s time to go on with following a good strategy to stay safe for the future with a good ranking in search results page, So for such reasons you have to follow a single thing that is authentic and follow white hat for every step in digital marketing as while doing SEO, content writing, local SEO, link building and etc. Some below steps to be taken are following

  • Content Uniqueness: – You have to keep your Website’s content unique that means do not copy content from elsewhere to keep safe against the penalization and it consists such material remove it as soon as possible.
  • Quality of links:- You have to prevent yourself making low-quality cheap links(spam) to gain high rankings in the search engine such practice could heart so now you need to analyze and remove such links with enabling disavow tools.
  • Keyword placement and density analysis:- Now you need to focus on your keyword policy of search engines to make yourself more stable in term of search result and page rank so notice that how they have been organized and density in respect to avoiding stuffing keywords and using black hat.
  • Make your site easier to traverse:- Make sure that your website has been structured in such manner easy to navigate by Google bots with newly updated contents in defined time so that it could find you useful and remember do not use hidden pages.
  • Make sure that it fits all screen size: Now you can see most of the internet traffic is coming through mobile phones and tablets and most of the search engines are launching mobile-friendly algorithms with improved search results so must have such website that has a responsive design for universal use on different devices.
  • Quality of content with quantity: – Uniqueness is not enough for your content to entertain, educate and make aware to your users instead of this they need something really juicy, informative, well defined, well structured, simple, robust, grammatical and easy language that could make them engage and revisit to your site will give authority and reputation in eyes off search engine.
  • Give valuable reason to visitors for they come back:- After providing unique and well-targeted quality content now you need to make them come back to your site and retain with you in the form of audience, clients or customers with providing with regular content updating with new fresh content, resources or offers to reengage them with your site.

Prevent yourself from doing wrong practices or excess of any particular

Now being aware of what to do or not to do you should keep track your work in accordance to do a manner where a specific technique is not been used in the repeated manner it may be taken as bad practice by Google.


It is a principle of uncertainty that which particular thing going to be devaluated or banned by Google so that we have to maintain our website in a manner with lower keyword density, less repetition of same internal link and lower other factors with copy escape score.

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