Online presence analysis and reporting

Our expert team will analyse your online presence with the latest analytics tools

Website Analysis

By auditing your website we review your website copy, design and content to check if it is search engine friendly or not? We will analyze all the issues which are preventing your website from getting traffic. Then we will plan out your website so that it can perform well to get optimum traffic over the internet. A website audit allows us to take appropriate actions against flaws and limitation of your website to improve it's performance.

Digital doctor

Importance of Online Presence 

  1. Your potential healthcare audience is now online.
  2. They seek opinions from other people words of mouth via social media.
  3. Your competitors are rapidly increasing their presence online.
  4. Blogging is becoming the best methods to educate your target audience about your services.


Concurrent strategy for performance

We promise you to provide results and enhance your current digital marketing strategy for achieving best performance online.

Personalized project optimization

With our expert team member we are able to make effective planning to optimize your marketing projects.

Features of Online Presence Analysis

1. On-page and Off-page analysis

2. Content reporting

3. Competitive analysis 

4. Keyword Analysis

We will provide you complete analytics report of your online presence in an easy to understand format so you can take right decisions after understanding your current online position.

Digital doctor


Website audit

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Market analysis


Content auditing


Customer auditing


Event tracking


In-page analytics

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