Digital Communication in Healthcare

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In the present scenario, the advancement of healthcare industry hugely depends upon digital communication. Current data represented that almost 57% of the global population uses internet services. Discovery of smartphone and an increasing number of smartphone users are taking benefits from different health apps. Nowadays, many patients are taking benefit from health information.

A patient portal is an option as digital communication used in healthcare system allows the patient to access their health care system. Every patient has their access to sign up to this portal and with maintaining patent confidentiality.

This portals also provide specific educational health information relevant to their individual need. Also, a summary of the investigational test report along with recommendation like follow-up schedule is uploaded in the individual patient portal, so that patient can access it at real-time and plan their schedule accordingly.

Digitalization helps healthcare providers and caregivers to send e-mail to their patient instead of making phone calls. This practice is more time saving than contacting each patient through phone calls.

The patient can also communicate through email and ask their query and healthcare provides also reply them accordingly.  Understandability and compliance of this written communication is much clearer to both the parties.

The patient can check the availability of medicine in particular pharmacy store and order them through online due to the collaboration digital communication and healthcare system.  This written communication also reduces the scope of medication error and save time.

Increase activity in social media displays both positive and negative consequences currently occurs in the healthcare system. The representation of social media attracts a mass community. The disclosure of real fact helps to mitigate patient confusion and right decision making.

The target audience can choose different modes of digital communication to solve their requirements. Different healthcare sites are available to obtain information about the disease, symptoms, treatment option, address of healthcare system for treatment. The patient can sign up these sites and can take the necessary information. Many videos are also uploaded to explain how the particular treatment modality works.

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There is certain health app available for patients to alert them about the health checkup, blood pressure monitoring or blood sugar checking, etc. Digital communication can also help patients to monitor their daily physical activity to maintain their health.,

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