How to measure online success

Digital Marketing by far- as we can say is really a hard game to play wherein a lot of effort, time, and money gets invested in. Small or big business it’s all about great teamwork- as various jobs in this field are usually done by a specialist. So the effort of the team, the creativity of the team, the number of Campaigns running, finding out which one is a success thru the conversions happening, all these activities targeted to generate new clients and revenue at the end is what matters and measures the success of any online business.

online success

Therefore it is essential to measure whether or not you are able to successfully run your business online. Primarily a good way to know if you are doing good is the amount of Organic traffic or visitors you are getting and growing consistently. And if you are able to close and make conversions out of them. This will clearly indicate that your digital marketing efforts be in form of content or campaigns you are running are going in the right direction.

However, any campaign you run as part of your digital marketing is not a one-time activity. You have to design, test, and run these campaigns and continuously measure them to keep a check that they are doing good. Let’s see below few such measurement techniques to measure your online business success.

Measuring your content marketing effectiveness

  1. Measuring your content marketing effectiveness: should we do more blogs or podcasts or videos by checking the sales/leads you are able to generate by monitor using Google analytics data.
  2. The content you are posting, the more content you post 2-3 articles in a week is ideal, then for more keywords, google will index you. Using a sitemap view how many index pages you have, the more pages you have it’s good.
  3. Another effective technique would be to set up a goal in analytics and see using which channel you are getting more traffic like a video, or blog post on your website getting you more visitors. And make efforts in that to continue to grow further.

Measuring your SEO activities effectiveness

  1. Search traffic using google analytics to check if the traffic is going up or down.
  2. Google console to check for impression- someone doing Google search, may see you in the list but may not click you but once you doing good in your SEO campaign you may start to appear on the first-page list, and then the user may click you. If you are doing good impression count continues to rise, if not then you may be doing something wrong which needs to get corrected.
  3. Backlinks you are getting and also your competitors getting, if your natural backlinks continue to grow i.e not paid ones then it’s a good sign of your online business growth.

Measuring your Social Media effectiveness

  1. How good you are doing on your Social media channels via brand awareness- like how many people following you on Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram, count of likes, comments, etc.
  2. Technically speaking to measure the online success you can create biz pages like in Facebook you get to know what time during the day people viewing your post, how many people seeing it etc. in facebook we have insight tabs, in Twitter, you can see the top tweets, see what your prospects like the most and adjust your strategy according to that.

Measuring the overall effectiveness of your online business success

  1. To get to know about customer satisfaction – you can do this by checking out the reviews by your customers – it is highly recommended that you should view both good and bad reviews so that you get an opportunity to improve yourself.
  2. Google listing should be updated which will be helping you to gain new customers- someone trying to reach you will be definitely looking at google listing for direction to call you. So to keep this list always up to date with address, contact no. biz photos etc. is very important
  3. Brand loyalty also a good measurement to find out % of people engaged to your brand by doing likes, follow, comments, share on a daily basis

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