Advantages of a CMS based website

CMS( content management system)- is an automatic way to create your website.

Another way to create your blog or a website from scratch using HTML, CSS, Php, python etc which needs programming or coding knowledge.

While using CMS you can straight away start your blog or website using beautiful themes and layouts without knowing much about coding etc.

Cms advantages

Although cms can also be built custom based on your needs it needs time, money, etc.

Update and security measures are also required after some time as code and security measures update.

Whereas CMS like Worpress, Joomla, Presta shop, Wix provides regular UI and security updates.

CMS is a software that manages digital content on a website and provides design, graphics, text, codes that creates several pages like service page, product page, landing page, and more.

Some of the popular CMSs are WordPress, zoomla, HubSpot,  Drupal, six, Presta shop, etc.

WordPress is the most popular CMS that provides professional layouts, themes for your business with several addon plugins that provide more control.

Plugins help in adding features like lead capture, add social features, chat plugins, visual effects, forms, etc to your website.

CMS is an architectural view of your online presence.

So as CMS will manage your backend part of designing a website you can focus more on the frontend or business side of your website.

It is important to create your website as you can’t rely on social media for your business FB changed its settings or down for some reason.

Most importantly choose CMS based on your need as some CMS are great and provide good learning but some are with a powerful user interface which is easy to manage.

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