Healthcare Virtual Assistant – specially to attend Covid patients

In last year (2019), the Family Medicine Journal published an article, which had reported that primary care physicians were busier in maintaining electronic health records of patients than giving time for face to face communication with the patients. In this aspect, the development of healthcare virtual assistance is a blessing for healthcare staff, especially during the COVID pandemic condition.

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The use of healthcare virtual assistance to treat a patient is not a new software solution. It is well established technological developments have started gaining popularity as this development helps in medical documentation and reduces the workload on healthcare providers. The healthcare organization can be organized in an improved process and users can obtain more health-related information by opting healthcare virtual assistance.

Currently, the healthcare industry facing tremendous pressures which are never come before the COVID pandemic condition. Healthcare virtual assistance needs to be an integrated part of the healthcare management to provide extended support to the users to handle this overload. Healthcare virtual assistance is safe to use as it maintains privacy, security, and compliance standards require to manage cases and data of COVID patients.

Different Western countries have started using healthcare virtual assistance to fight against Covid-19. But software engineer should keep in their mind during programming the software that designing of the program should provide enough value to their users in respect of both patients and the healthcare team. The aim of the healthcare virtual assistance programming during the COVID pandemic is not only reduced the work burden of the operational team and medical costs but also improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The challenge of COVID management is not only to serve affected a vast number of patients effectively but also limits the hospital visits to other healthy patients for restricting the spreading of the infection. In the current situation, virtual care is the most important step to bit the Covid-19.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have developed guidelines and protocols for the development of the COVID-19 Virtual Assistant programming. Fulfillment of these guidelines and protocols during designing the COVID-19 virtual assistant programming ensures the reliability and efficiency of the app.

Virtual health education, communication, and care become urgent medical needs to fight against Covid-19. Recently developed certain advanced healthcare virtual assistance has such type of designing that this platform is used to monitor, manage, and engage patients efficiently.

Healthcare virtual assistance advancement also provides the options to screen, symptom checking, and emergency response to the COVID-19 patients. The healthcare virtual assistance also plays an important role in preventing the spreading of the infection by providing better and up-to-date information virtually to the patient without leaving their home. The expansion of Healthcare virtual assistance advancement allows the self-quarantined patients to receive care at their homes through devices that offer them to communicate with the healthcare providers through audio and visual communication systems by paying consultation fees utilizing e-banking facility.

The expansion of healthcare virtual assistance is conducted in a meaningful way by including telemedicine. Coronavirus Health Chat team working under healthcare virtual assistance program work on the following aspects:

  • Patient education about the Coronavirus
  • Assessing patients’ risk on exposure because of fast transmission
  • Help to provide awareness on prevention measures
  • Providing methods to check symptoms
  • deliver lab results with guidance
  • provide education to the self-quarantined patients
  • Give information about the availability of the local resources
  • Outbreak management by developing health programs with top clinicians


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