Role of digital marketing in the healthcare sector

Searching for healthcare services is the most popular online activity. Most of the patients search the Internet before visiting a doctor. For any kind of healthcare services or treatments – be it a general physician, a surgeon, or could be fitness or beauty service, etc. It is the right time to take your business to the place where your patients are.

Digital marketing in healthcare

A robust online presence with a positive reputation to promote your business online is the need of an hour.

Using the SEO process- you can make your online visibility and gradually your website will start to appear on top of Google search results. Mainly it will include activities like Search engine marketing, Social Media Marketing, listing into healthcare directories, healthcare forums, and blogs.

SEO revolves around patients search habits, the keywords they are using to search for e.g.: patients may search for the symptoms they are experiencing, reviews of other patients, or could be the clinics they have shortlisted or even most important is which hospitals cover insurance, etc. as the overall treatment cost is very high especially for dreaded diseases like cancer, etc. so such are the keywords that you should include on your website pages, Social media accounts or on your Paid ads. By doing all such activities your web visibility will increase.

As the healthcare sector is widely segmented for e.g.: neurologist or a gynecologist both are doctors of medicine but their treatment or target patients will be different so are the keywords for them as per their specialization. Keywords are an essential component of Search engine marketing activity.

Another important activity and it is a must that you should get your business listed on Google my business, listing sites, and other all relevant directories which will help you in building robust business presence and getting found by potential new patients.

Below mentioned are few SEO activities to be done on a medical website –

  1. Simple website content – not a very technical one so that your target patients can understand you and your treatments easily.
  2. Keywords: Your Website pages should contain well-researched keywords specific to your niche or specialization.
  3. Geographic locations for your area using Google My business to be correctly updated to ensure that patients can easily able to reach you and the advertisements you will be running are visible to them.
  4. A digital booking process thru your website is a good way to give your patients a virtual experience before they are actually walk into your clinic or a hospital.
  5. Online reviews: Reviews are important as they will bring in more patients for you. Keep a check on reviews your patients are writing for you- will help build your online reputation.

Digital Marketing gives reliable and cost-effective results by increasing your number of patients, reputation, referrals, revenue, and thereby growth in your overall business profitability.

It is not a question of whether you should have a digital presence or not but how strong is your online presence is what matters in today’s competitive world.

Consistently doing SEO activity is important as it is not about just doing it once in a while. It is highly recommended to hire a good digital marketing agency and they will do the work for you so that you can focus on your practice for increased patient satisfaction.


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