Understanding term SEO for ranking in organic results 2019

SEO status in 2019

Search engine optimization is a set of tweaks, website imrovements and online marketing activities in orger to gain benefits from organic search results.

SEO in  2019 is getting more tricky, long-term and costly than it was before in 2019. Google as a major search player tweaking it’s search algorithms very frequently in order to ensure the quality of search and because of that SEO is getting HARD. But still, SEO is the best way to gain benefits organically so Search engine optimization is still favorite to internet marketers in 2019 and seems will be….. in future.

Online Visibility

People today know the benefits of online visibility to get attention from internet users to get increased brand awareness, positive reputation, and sales. Search engine optimization is the way to organize the content of your website in accordance to search engine rules (webmaster) for to index and after that appearance in search engine result page and to make it search engine friendly various steps are taken will be covered in this topic.

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How does it work?

Have you ever thought that how after writing your query in Google search gives you million of related results?  Now let us tell you that there is no manual altered lists are represented to you behind this they have the setup of logical rules that automatically gives you the list of possible results according to keywords you used for to get your answers from a list of indexed WebPages in search engine’s database. Behind this most powerful thing of Google is that a large process is done in seconds by traversing one of the largest databases in the world by automated setup of rules (algorithms) and is done by firstly matching keywords after that it shows the results in order of quality, quantity, and number of visitors as well as engagement history and many other factors, etc.

Need search engine friendly website?

It is a very important question that how to get your website at the top of the list in SERP. Now you must know what are the basic measures are to follow the rules defined by Google to get ranked organically which means that without paid advertisement with only by search engine optimization. All in one key to success is that always do good things means try not to practice black hat like keyword stuffing, auto commenter, automated scripts will be caught and penalized by the Google or any other search engine like Bing, Yahoo, etc as they have various algorithm to measure the quality of your website content. You have to keep in mind below On-page SEO factors to be search engine friendly.

  1. Keyword density.
  2. Rich media.
  3. Quality of content.
  4. Quantity of content.
  5. Image alt tags.
  6. Regular Updating with new posts.
  7. Free rich Resources (e-books, videos, offers, etc).
  8. Target audience.
  9. Links (inbound, outbound).
  10. Real-time images.
  11. call to action.
  12. Google map integration for Navigation.
  13. Qualified related images.
  14. Only Images for commercial use(licensed)
  15. Mobile friendly websites.
  16. Website Speed.

Why content is most important?

Today content marketing is most crucial part of search engine optimization and is most appropriate way to do marketing on internet with best customers/audience targeting by providing some really appropriate information for that your target visitors are searching after that it is the biggest part that how much useful is that make them engage with your website and let them make decisions by that they could get finally converted as a final lead and after being found on world wide web by interest of people for particular you have to follow-up them by providing some really outstanding information, resources for to re-engage with your website as a returning visitor or customer. Always provide quality of content by that is proved positive results and higher rankings by Google search engine.


By all above its clear that if you want to top rankings then you have to maintain authenticity for being search engine friendly to get ranked higher in organic results that is what Google recommends.

We hope it’s clear to understand about SEO for ranking in search engine result page but there are many factors about SEO will be covered later in our upcoming posts such as off-page etc.

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