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Online marketing is booming these days and has also become a necessity for every business. Like all other sectors fully operating their businesses online- in the Healthcare Sector, doctors can kick start or increase their clinic, hospital, or laboratory’s footfall through the internet by providing their patients easy access to appointments and information they need.

To reach and encourage the patients, there are certain online marketing strategies for doctors including SEO, PPC, and Location-based marketing tactics.

In this article, we are going to explain about how doctors can get patients from Google organic results using search engine optimization.

Online healthcare services marketing success for doctors: pic laptop and heat line

Why SEO is important for doctors?

It is a proven fact that above 90% of traffic comes from Google organic results than paid campaigns. However Organic results do take time so once you have your website ready with all required keywords in place, you can run ads for a while and simultaneously continue to do various online marketing activities for getting organic results using search engine optimization which is long-term but long lasting and most promising.

Patient’s Psychology while searching online and how search engines work?

Internet gives us opportunity to access information, locate places, and connect or communicate to people easily, so for example when we are sick we usually search for the information related to our sickness through a search engine (Google Is the major Search engine holding 90% + search share) which maintains large database of website containing information and provides the best match based on our search query.

There are many factors(there are 200+ ranking factors for Google alone) by which a search engine determines the results for us including Keyword, freshness, Content quality, trust flow, Speed and Identity, language, Authority, and User experience and much more.

As an example if we are suffering from some kind of disease or feeling unwell we usually search “doctors Near Me”, “Eye doctor”, “Skin specialist” etc. or we also search for symptoms, diseases or treatments which is usually confusing but while doing all this online we land us to consult a doctor with whom we can chat instantly and take his guidance. This indeed is the wise decision and also saves time too.

Below image contains many examples of what patients are searching and how many in the number of patients searching online for their healthcare needs which helps in drafting content for your Medical Website for Successful medical SEO for doctors.

Patient search keywords online - online healthcare marketing for Doctors

5 strategies for Success online healthcare marketing: updated

  1. Online healthcare Market research
  2. Content Planning
  3. Social Media  Marketing
  4. Get Referred to other industry experts/ medical websites
  5. Publish content online

Online healthcare market research

It is important to know the market before applying marketing efforts in terms of revenue, size of the market or market share, key players, awareness and audience, etc. When it comes to online market research we can assume the following factors

  1. Medical Market Trends.
  2. Key players.
  3. Audience availability and behavior.
  4. Available Information.
  5. Search trends.
  6. Available Platforms.

Content Planning

We all know content is referred to as king in any kind of marketing and when we say content it means Text, Images, videos, podcasts documents, etc. And key consideration for content planning is generally based on

  1. Information in demand.
  2. Target market and Audience.
  3. Quality of Content.
  4. Search queries and trends.
  5. Awareness
  6. Available strategies.

Social Media marketing for healthcare

Social media marking presence is most essential because most internet users use at least one of a kind of online Social platforms. And we can get more shares, engagements which helps in brand awareness and trust building, and also social media can be a great platform to generate revenue or can get increased patient visits.

Good Performance over Social media platforms leads us better ranking in search results.

Get referred to other industry experts/ medical websites

Getting an online reference from your field experts gives you more authority and exposure in among industry leaders and your end users (patients/clients) and leads in better search engine ranking especially in Google.

It is important for you to understand how you can get a reference from industry leaders and medical websites.

Publish your healthcare content online

online Medical content publising

Publishing relevant content of need online surely helps into your mainstream content (on Website) and brands lead you towards industry leadership and improve your website authority which leads you in better search appearance.

There are many platforms where you can publish your informative medical content on like media websites, partnership websites (like the doctor, clinic databases), medical blogs, research journals.


For long-term healthcare success, it is important to choose your strategies that are promising rather than chasing the ranking goals.

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