How to use Live streaming video apps for doctors?

In the medical profession, the biggest challenge of any doctor is to built trust with their patients so he can satisfy and make them comfortable by solving their doubts regarding their pain, problems and treatments. But to create trust their must be an open and transparent relationship between you and your patient which should be followed by a good communication.

With the new innovations in social media and internet technology, a lot more new opportunities have been opened for the new generation doctors and medical professionals to communicate and build trustworthy relationships.

And one of the most popular ways of communication is to go live with your potential patients by using various free Live video streaming apps.

Today, you will get to know about top 2 Live Streaming apps and their features for your healthcare marketing in this article.



    Periscope is a popular Live Streaming app product of Twitter itself and its active number of users are      growing every day.

    Right now periscope is available on I phone as well as on Android phones.

    Periscope allows you to email your live stream to your patients by using a web link.

    You are allowed to customize your audience for private broadcasting.



    Facebook allows you to post your live video on your pages, your groups, and other event pages. It gives you the freedom to show your live streaming video to the place where you have your potential patients.

    A Facebook live video will be saved automatically on your page as a traditional video after you go live and will remain saved on your facebook page forever. So you don’t have to save it manually. This is an added advantage as periscope allow your potential patients to replay your live stream video only for 24 hours.

How to use these LIVE Streaming app if you are a medical professional/Doctor ?

  1. Built Live Patient Support:

Live streaming apps such as facebook live and periscope allows you to connect with your patients live, where they can ask their post-treatment pain and problems from their home (if any). Such support to your patients will build trust and a highly engaged relationship with your patients which can help in more referrals, ultimately growing the number of your patients.

  1. Share Patients Feedback:

That’s the beauty of live streaming apps which allows your patients to give video feedback of your services which you can share with your potential patients as video reviews.  As we know, text reviews are great for any brand but video reviews can do wonders.

  1. Do Live Q & A session:

Live Q & A session help your patients in understanding their problem more effectively. Your advice and free live consultation will encourage them to follow you more before reaching to you for their treatment.

  1. Share HealthTips:

Try to share health tips with your followers at least once a week consistently. Remember your followers are the one who will buy your medical/healthcare services so educate them about your services, the common diseases, new medical technology as much as you can.


The live streaming app is not the future, it is present. So don’t try to avoid these opportunities to communicate with your potential patients. The closer your relationship is with your patients, the better  it is for your brand. It might be difficult for some of you to Live stream yourself online but practice will make you perfect as it is worth it.

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