Internet marketing overview for healthcare professionals

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing means to create your online presence by building a website in order to promote your product or services online to a specific set of target customers.

Why Internet Marketing is important?

As nowadays we see everyone is using various digital devices like laptop, tablets, mobiles to search for a variety of information be it for knowledge or to buy a product or a service so it is essential to have our online presence as an entrepreneur.

Internet doctor marketing patient website

Like all other industries using Internet Marketing extensively, it holds true for the Healthcare sector also.

Launch of ARTwebnet

Around 4 years ago we launched ARTwebnet to provide Internet Marketing services to the medical sector like clinics, hospitals, labs, doctors, and others.

What we do?

We design their websites by putting information about their specialization, services, etc. and integrate different Internet marketing services to make them popular on the Internet.

Important points to understand before you start to build your website

1. Purpose of a website: Different kinds of websites have different purposes depending on who the intended audience is. Some websites are designed towards selling products and other websites are to provide information, while others are merely for entertainment.

So once you decide the purpose- next is to do some marketing exercises like:

  1. To identify Current trends which will help you to know about your industry trends to stay up to date and also helps to find new opportunities for growth.
  2. Market research: Then we need to do market research by researching different websites of competitors, about different product and services so to understand the needs of your customers.
  3. Target Audience: Then comes your target audience once we do all the above steps we are able to find out who our target audience is and accordingly we can work towards preparing the website content.

What are the requirements to build your website?

  1. You need to buy a domain: It’s your unique identity. The domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser like URL bar to visit your website.
  2. Hosting service: Space you need to buy to store your website files on a web server and connect to the internet. So we use Powerful server with a high-speed connection so when a user searches for any information they immediately get connected with your website.
  3. Software to build your website: Using Content Management System(CMS) like WordPress to build your website, the website can be dynamic or static. Dynamically allows you to make changes any time later also and static which is generally fixed.
  4. Content: is the text you will place on your web pages about your product etc. so it has to be relevant for internet marketing activities like SEO or SMM etc,  activities which we will do once the website is ready.
  5. Your own personal email address eg: garvita@artwebnet which looks more professional and trustworthy while doing your biz communication.
  6. Responsive to make it mobile friendly so it should open on mobile as it is – as we see people use mobile more often even for work purposes than a laptop etc..
  7. SSL also called Secure socket layer: SSL certificate is important to ensure that your website is secure. It’s an Important protocol required for securing and authenticating data on the internet.

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About The Author

Garvita Sharma is a great initiator and dynamic personality. She has around 16 years of experience in information technology sector into product development, training, digital marketing, fertility & hospital management software. As an entrepreneur she has successfully launched ARTwebnet – A Digital Marketing Company with special focus on ART/IVF clinics and healthcare sector. The company is also providing gamut of software solutions to IVF clinics.


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