What do patients think about online healthcare portals?

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In today’s modern world people are too busy in their daily life activities (like a job, business, and study, etc) and they don’t even have enough time for social activities.

Despite running in a busy schedule, everyone wants to complete their different tasks without wasting time so with this reason the internet has become a preferred platform used by many people to search for solutions of their different problems other than phone a friend or other traditional ways.

Moreover, different factors like ease of access, usability, results, flexibility or updating, mobile devices, and various other advantages have made the internet necessary for a human being.

World Wide Web or www has become essential and most of the people have started to move their existing business (product, services, entertainment, etc) online because they know to reach their audience using the World Wide Web is easy.

When it comes to health-conscious people having internet access, they always firstly prefer to search online for their related issues.

Usually, they try to understand the medical situation, suffering they have and after that, they start to search about related doctor offline as well as online.

When the patients have a list of doctors then they can evaluate the results to make a decision where to go on the basis of doctor’s profile, previous reviews, and distance, etc.

Best way to evaluate all such things is the internet where patients can find almost all helpful information in choosing a doctor for a visit.

A healthcare portal is basically focused to capture and help online patients in getting the right treatment or advice for their health issues but a basic website would not be enough to satisfy patients.

Before going to see a doctor online patients firstly explore the website’s content and functions to make them self confidence that their choice is right otherwise they are not going to choose you.

Acquiring new or retaining existing online patients for your healthcare portals

Here a question arises that what patients think about your healthcare portals before they make an online appointment to see the doctor?  And possible issues can be

Website Design

Design is an important thing for most the places in human life and history because changes in design vary in according to changes in human history, behavior, and needs or it can be the environment, science, etc.

So website design can also be an important issue which can impact negatively if not updated on the basis of current web design trends, It raises a physiological question in mind of patients (if not updated) that you are not active online and most of the chances are your patient will go away.

Content Quality

It is must to bind your readers with quality content to make them click or submit an inquiry form.

Quality of content makes you more eligible in terms of authority because it makes you sound like industry leaders.

Using a very generic tongue or copy content can also be harmful in retaining patients and rankings in search as well.

Related quality Information

One of the important issues is useful information which can make them trust on you, Let us consider an example a patient searches and founds your website in search for the topic seasonal flu then it is necessary to assure he is on updated information based on the current season. If he is unable to find useful information (updated) or information what he searching for then he will leave your website immediately.


It is must focus on to make your portal more easy, robust, interactive, speed oriented, accessibility, and availability and helpful to visitors in term to make them come back again and again.

It is important to measure such things in order to retain the online visitors because if they feel annoying (waiting time, slow processing, complex links, etc) then they will leave your website and you will lose them.

Platform independent

Today most of the people love to carry smart devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, etc and most of them have different in screen sizes and here you need a website which must be independent and can be shown and easily accessed from any device with good screen readability.

And if you don’t have a website that fits in every screen size then most of the chances are you will miss most of the visitors coming from unsupported screen size devices.

User interaction options

After assuring many things it is important to interact with users who want to go with your medical services like he may be interested in enquire or book an appointment or revisiting to you etc.

So for such reasons you should have some important things today like visible address, Social media presence & integration, contact form (for inquiry), appointment form and one of the important thing today is live chat plugins will increase the chances of getting more online leads.


It is important to notify your existing Leads, subscribers, or customers (patients) by sending them alerts using SMS, emails on different health issues topics, greetings or etc to make them stay with you by.

Note: Before you notify them you must have an agreement (subscribed) for doing so.

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