Why do you need a mobile ready or friendly website?

mobile friendly websiteBy mobile device, it means a website that is compatible to view not only mobile phones but also tabs, Ipads, etc. A website has to be mobile site due to many reasons.

Website is accessible from anywhere. Where ever the one travels he goes with Smartphone if your website is mobile based they it can be viewed while travelling customers doesn’t require his laptop / desktop for this purpose. In this way he is at ease to view / buy the product from the website from my mobile too. The mobile website dominates shopping than desktop.

Mobile website is very easy for people to connect with you (your company). Not only for buying products but to send messages an if you provide any number on the mobile website the messaging activity can be done by SMSing also.

Almost one-third of the internet traffic is on mobile. This means by mobile friendly website more and more people can get know about your company and can associate with you. Mobile website plays an important role in delivering good User Experience in terms of look and feel.

It is very easy to handle / manage a mobile site in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

If we talk about eCommerce website most of them are planning to become mCommerce. Customers also prefer to buy products from online as you get huge offers and sale. In this case if your website is mobile based then how much it will be convenient to convert a potential customer into a loyal Customer.

Things need to change as per time. For how long a website can be a desktop (computer) based, it has to be much more accessible to the clients. There is huge competition among different players of same field. So its really important to be as updated as one can get. This builds the confidence among the clients that they trust the right brand which is always updated.

Introduction to new audience is also very smooth in mobile friendly sites. In mobile websites id your client wants to refer you he / she can easily refer it to friends by watsaaping the link or my posting it on instagram so in no time you will be referred to so many people through mobile.

Also not only for customers, it is convenient for the company people to handle the mobile website in terms of data handling, optimization and also promotion. Now Google is also appreciating those websites which are device friendly and easily accessible. Google ranking is also somewhat now based on the good look and feel of the website.

In conclusion, the more versatile is the website design , more it is beneficial for both the parties.

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