How to get new Clients/Patients by Google Adwords

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What is Google Adword? This is a paid service provided by Google to advertise your website/business on its Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and their publishers. These advertisements can be of different types- Banners, Text links, Videos and Images to attract online customers.

Internet marketing can be very useful while promoting healthcare business website as customers are very much interested searching anything related to healthcare on the internet. Thus it can get a good number of online visitors to your website.

First step is to design your marketing goals. This will help you to set your healthcare goals clearly and you can decide that how far you can go with the help of your advertisement. So first follow the procedure by yourself first like- Buy adword based on business i.e. Healthcare, do some activity on the website like click the ad or fill a form, then call your business and have a look your ad. Also you can keep a track of your business coming from these ads.

The second significant point is creation of meaningful and effective ads. This requires creation of special creative team. After creation, appropriate keywords are required to be added. It works best when multiple text ads with proper headlines are there. Also make sure that you select a simple, easy and demonstrative landing page (when clicked on the ad a page opens showcasing your product).

Also use ad extensions, this will let you to add more text regarding Healthcare and hence will attract more and more people to click on add and visit your landing page.

Another important part is choice of keywords. It should be all about health services that you provide so that whenever a person types that word or related your website link should appear.

How you pay for these ads? Generally people opt for automatic payment which means you will pay the money once you will start acquiring the advertisement cost.

It’s always a good practice to keep an eye on the analytics that where your company statistics have reached. You should be aware that up to what level you want to have check. Either you are looking for all the keywords or only few, then choose the appropriate date range, understand different terms used- impressions, clicks, Average Cost- Per Click. Trace the activities that a visitor (one who lands on your website) has done- has bought something, left his query, filled a form. All these things will show you clearly that if ads are adding to your revenue or not.

Thus by the above procedure, you will see how Google Adwords can boost your clientele.

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