Efficient SEO Campaign Strategies for Doctors

  • October 13, 2017
  • SEO

Link building is one of the most effective and beneficial tools used by different SEO services in India for Doctors too. With the change in time people are becoming tech savvy and for any information or from shopping to the payment of bills, people use the digital method and therefore digital marketing becomes one the important marketing tactics nowadays. From e-commerce organization to doctors or healthcare industries everyone wants to rank their website on top. Though this a little complex and tough process but a proper guidance and usage of SEO techniques and tools it becomes achievable. Link building one among them and is known as most important techniques to raise the ranking and to reach the targeted audience. Though it is a time-consuming process, a worthwhile one, as inbound links pointing to your website remain has a massive importance for search engine ranking factor. The key to successful SEO is to take an organized, strategic approach. Here are few important steps and strategies towards an efficient SEO campaign:

Efficient SEO Campaign Strategies for Doctors

  1. Review your website deeply: The first step is to take an honest tour of the current website and how does it look. Is linking the same will be worth full or not? Because every link does not have values or carry any importance. Only those which are manually reviewed by the webmaster and come from high quality should be linked but do you think your website is up to that level that they will link you? A site that is worth linking should be user-friendly, mobile friendly, technically sound, modern, properly optimized, and includes lots of good quality informational content, high-quality informational content. And if you think that your site is not up to mark then make these improvements. Once you will be more confident about your website, you’ll be able to sell it over other in webmaster to link your website.


  1. Research: Every and every inbound link you obtain should be relevant and important for your company and to the target audience and that is a reason spending maximum time for conducting research help you to find the best opportunities for your hospital s or clinics. Local medical SEO services in India plays a very important role so that you can be visible on top when patient search for local Doctors near to them. Always browse suitable websites that you know and search for latest one with the use of relevant keywords, articles, and magazines etc. Conduct a competitive link analysis by exporting competitor links from various tools for e.g. Open Site Explorer.


  1. Audit present link: Now this is important before selecting links you want to add, it’s important to check those links which you have at present. Pull all the reports from Google Search Console of the inbound link and also from paid SEO tools, like Moz. After that review these links manually. You will be able to know about the success ratio of that links. Now make efforts to compare the links you have.


  1. Reach out: Websites having a manual reviewing process are usually conducted by the webmaster. And creating a good contact with them and which review Very few websites automate any outbound linking, and the ones that do, likely aren’t the types of sites you want links from. Most websites have a manual review process before linking out, and it’s conducted by the webmaster. Establishing a good relationship with these webmasters and process of personalized messages inquiring about linking opportunities will go a long way which will secure your links.

Link Building is very much important and spending time for the same will make your easier and direct you a successful path for yourself.

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